Virena Configuration Instructions

How to configure your Quidel instrument(s) for Virena

This guide assumes you have a Quidel instrument and opted-in for the Virena program. To do either of those things please see our Get Started page.

After your Quidel instrument(s) are configured and opted-in to Virena, please register at to access your instruments’ and over 10 million de-identified test results from all Quidel instruments Nationwide.

Configure Sofia 2 for Virena

  1. Before configuring Virena, log in to the Supervisor Menu, select Settings, then Other Settings.

  2. On the first screen, enter the name of the location under Site Name, enter the 5-digit ZIP Code where the instrument is located, select to confirm the entry and close the keyboard, then select the blue arrow key to advance to the next screen. Continue to set remaining settings as needed and return to the Run Test screen.

  3. Returning to the Supervisor Menu, select Network Settings, then Virena Settings.

  4. On the first screen, confirm that Virena Domain Name is pre-populated as If not, re-enter the information. Select the blue arrow key to advance to the next screen.

  5. Set Auto Send and Queue Results to On. Select the blue arrow key to advance to the next screen.

  6. Confirm that Transmit Patient ID and Transmit Order Number are set to Off. Select blue arrow key to advance to the next screen.

  7. Confirm that Age Required is set to Yes or as desired by organization administrator. The screen will default to Cellular option. Ethernet is also an option however may require additional networking setup. Tap the blue check mark to save.

  8. From the Main Menu, select Send Data, choose Test Connection, then tap the icon that looks like a cloud with an arrow going up through it.

  9. If the connection is successful, the message Test connection success. Signal strength -##dBm. will appear. Sofia 2 is now connected to the Virena cloud. If the connection is unsuccessful, contact Technical Support.

  10. From the Main menu, tap Run Calibration, Patient Test, or QC to send a result to the Virena cloud and confirm the connection.

  11. Optional: If you prefer to see results populate into the app right away…

    1. Tap the bottom check mark to go back to the prior screen and then select “Send results/all results.”
    2. Tap on the bottom icon that looks like a cloud to send all results, allowing a few minutes for the results to be sent to the Virena cloud.
    3. Register at to start using the app and see test results online.

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