Virena - Get Started

We’ll show you how to start using the Virena system

To use Virena to Survey, Map and Report on millions of de-identified Flu and other disease test results, you will need:

  1. A Quidel instrument (Sofia 2, Sofia or Solana)
  2. Opt-in to the Virena program on your contract
  3. Configure your instrument
  4. Register at

How do I get a Quidel Instrument (Sofia, Sofia 2 or Solana)?

I have a Quidel Instrument and want to opt-in to use Virena

If you have a Quidel Instrument but did not “opt-in” for Virena at time of contract and would now like to participate in the Virena program…

  • Contact your Quidel Account Manager (Rep):

  • Or call Customer Service at 800.874.1517, option 1, then option 1 for Sofia2/Sofia or option 2 for Solana

In case your account manager or customer service asks you, here is the Virena signup form

How do I Configure my Quidel instrument(s)?

How do I Register at

  • Create an account by going to and following the instructions. You may also view the below video:

Once you’ve registered at please see our guide on how to use the website

How to register for a account