Connecting Triage®

Physical Connections to the Triage Meter

The data connection to the Triage Meter is via the 9-pin Serial Port located on the back side of the Meter. For connecting to a standard serial port on a personal computer or other serial device that has a 9-pin male connector, use Quidel’s Triage Meter serial cable, part # 52039. This 10-foot long cable was designed specifically to support the Triage Meter. Please contact your Quidel Account Executive or Distributer to order this cable.

For custom cabling to serial communication devices that do not use a standard RS-232 DB-9 connection, please refer to Triage Meter Pinouts and Signaling for guidance on connections, pinouts and signaling. Or contact Quidel Technical Service for advice and assistance.

Other connection methods to Triage Meter

  • USB To Serial adapter cables: These are often utilized for connections to PCs or Laptops that do not have Serial Ports.
  • Serial Server Devices: Serial Servers, also called Terminal Servers, provide the ability to connect and deliver serial data over common local area networks. Quidel recommends and sells the “Digi PortServer TS” line of Serial Servers along with custom serial cables for connecting Triage Meters over networks. Another tested and recommended product is the Lantronix UDS2100 coupled with the Quidel 52039 Serial Cable.

POC and Lab interface solutions provided by LIS and third-party vendors often include the necessary serial connection components along with cabling and configuration as part of the provided solution for your connectivity needs.