"HL7" Interface

Solana instruments with firmware version higher than v2.0.8 support the HL7 protocol. The implementation includes:

  • Sending results to the LIS
  • Receiving orders from the LIS

Setup the HL7 LIS interface

Within all Solana instruments, an HL7 interface is included. This HL7 interface is configured by setting the LIS Settings.

Set LIS Server configuration

Based upon the recommendation of the LIS Coordinator or LIS Vendor:

  1. Set the Server IP to the IP address of the external System.

  2. Set the Server Port that the external System is listening for Solana to initiate a connection.

  3. Set the Listener Port that the Solana will listen for connections from the LIS to receive Orders.

  4. Set the value for the Auto Order Nbr to On if the Solana needs to generate unique order numbers for each tube in the workflow.

  5. Select the check mark for the values to be saved and the menu to return to the Network Settings menu.

    Below is a sample screen showing an example setup configuration.

The Solana HL7 interface sends and receives data with the LIS and Middleware using the protocol for bi-directional communication in the Solana LIS specification listed under the Interface Specifications link.