Triage Census® ATM

Triage Census ATM (Advanced Test Management) system is Quidel’s Data Management Software for managing Triage Meters, Operators and Data. This software is commonly referred to as Census.

Census runs on the Windows operating system and provides Lab and POC Managers essential tools to manage Triage Meters wherever they may be deployed within the Enterprise.

With the ability to connect all Triage Meters to this central management tool, Managers can actively manage daily operations to assure that QC is performed as necessary, Operators are managed and that Test and QC data is automatically captured. Monthly reporting may be completed and approved with a few clicks, and archival reports saved with a few more.

If Triage Test results need to be sent from Census to an LIS system, Census has the ability to integrate with an HL7 interface engine and forward results automatically. Quidel provides services to design and implement these customized optional capabilities.

Please contact your Quidel Account Executive or Distributer to find out how to purchase Triage Census ATM. The Quidel Part Number is SW-9519. The software is available by download only, from the website.

More detail about Triage Census ATM and the requirements to support it is available here.