MyQuidel FAQ FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Register at to download and install the latest software updates, assays and testing capabilities for your Quidel Instruments.

Why should I use

It’s the fastest way to keep your Quidel instruments updated. MyQuidel allows you to download and install the latest Software Updates, Assay and testing capabilities for your Quidel Instruments. In addition users can report software updates and manage instruments online.

I registered for an account but I didn’t get an e-mail message to complete activation. Help!

Check your Spam Folder and or e-mail Quarantine Folder. If you can’t find the e-mail message navigate to and attempt to log in - the system will auto-send you a new e-mail message for you to complete activation.

The Customer Portal website displays abnormally or I can’t use it with my internet browser.

Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer version 9 and up, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Apple Safari is currently not supported.

Why does the website say my instrument could get damaged if the wrong Firmware or Software is installed?

Firmware (Sofia, Sofia 2) and Software (Solana) updates must be installed onto the instrument in a particular order. The website walks you through which version you need based on what is already installed on your instrument. If an incorrect version is installed, the instrument may be rendered unusable and would need to be returned to Quidel.

I’ve downloaded the File Copier and clicked to run it, but I get a blue screen saying, “Windows protected your PC.”

This is a standard security mechanism provided by Microsoft Windows. Click the “More info” link on the left of the blue screen. Then click the “Run Anyway” button.

I’ve successfully downloaded the update for my Sofia 2. How do I get it onto my instrument?

Click here for upload instructions.

I loaded files onto my SD Card but my Sofia doesn’t seem to read from the card to install.

Make sure you have an approved SD Card from Quidel. The front of the card will display identifiers, SE12TFJHL-C1A38-D or SD12TQGHL-C1A38-D. To request a blank SD Card, visit

I don’t have an SD Card, how do I get one?

To request a blank SD Card, visit

I don’t have an SD Card reader and need one, how do I get one?

For instructions, visit

I don’t see any selectable options in the dropdown select (Step 2) of the File Copier.

Make sure you’ve inserted your SD Card or USB stick into your PC.

I clicked “Next” but the File Copier reported an error when attempting to write to my SD card/USB stick.

Try removing then re-inserting the SD card or USB stick into your computer, click Back and try again

If I write files to my SD Card or USB stick, can I use the same drive again later on for future updates?

Yes. For Sofia (SD Card) and Solana (USB Stick), the File Copier will first erase all data on the drive and then write new files to the drive. For Sofia 2 we recommend deleting any files on the USB stick before copying any Firmware or Assay Method Files onto it.

Can I use any USB stick for my Solana or Sofia 2 updates?

Yes, any brand should work. Make sure the USB stick is at least 1GB and is formatted as FAT or FAT32. Any other formats will not work. Most new USB drives come already formatted in FAT or FAT32.

Choose “Continue without scanning”. “Scan and fix” will reformat the USB stick into a non-usable format.

I think my USB stick is not formatted correctly. How do I re-format it?

  1. Plug in USB stick to computer and highlight the drive name (usually D:, E:, or F:) on the file explorer window.
  2. Right click on the drive and select, “Format”.
  3. Go to the “File System” dropdown and select FAT32.
  4. Click the “Start” button on the bottom.
  5. Once formatting is complete, delete any remaining files on the drive and re-download the firmware or assay method file.

Can I use a USB stick for my Sofia updates?

No, the Sofia instrument only accepts SD Cards.