Observe, track, report and respond rapidly to emerging infectious diseases trending in your area.
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What is Virena?

Virena is a wireless cloud-based system that allows you to manage patient de-identified data, in near real-time, for improved operational efficiencies. Virena is simple, secure, HIPAA compliant, and available with Quidel automated testing platforms.

Whether it’s disease mapping to determine local prevalence and disease trends, automating and aggregating decentralized quality control, readjusting personnel or inventory based on real-time demands, or cross checking test volumes vs. billing, Virena provides the analytics to help you make the best use of your point-of-care investment.

Virena is included with and connects Sofia, Sofia 2 and/or Solana instruments to the Quidel cloud ( via a secure, cellular 4G LTE network. As tests are run throughout the day, Virena transmits de-identified data to the Quidel cloud ( where it is stored, processed and made available to authorized users within your organization. Virena also provides access to disease progression, prevalence and trending of all accompanying assays, both locally and nationally.

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Track disease prevalence Nationwide

The following map using data from the Virena system illustrates positive Flu test results in the United States over the last 8 months.


How to start using Virena

Visit our Get Started Guide to start using Virena today

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